The Media Centre

The Media Centre is situated in D Block and supports a wide range of video and audio technical resources. It is a comprehensive production base for video, audio and multimedia work, supporting all awards at ACE Bower Ashton.

Borrowing or booking equipment or facilities

Students are time-tabled on to workshops by their tutors and, after completing these, may book the relevant resources or facilities through Media Centre Reception or via our online booking system. The booking day is divided into morning, afternoon and evening sessions. You can also book audio and video equipment in Media Reception or via our online booking system.


Resources include a video studio, sound recording studios, post-production and dubbing facilities. The centre also issues and maintains a wide range of portable loan equipment for student use. Technical workshops are delivered by technical instructors and cover a wide range of practical skills and techniques essential for production and post-production. Technical instructors also provide a considerable level of production support to students on an individual basis.

Access to Media Centre Resources

Media resources are available to all students of the School. Students must attend a Media Induction Session, normally held at the beginning of the academic year. This session provides an overview of the Media Centre and its operations. A basic Health and Safety lecture is given as part of the session. Students are required to attend this session and to complete and sign a Responsibility Agreement Form before they can gain access to media resources. Thereafter, students complete relevant technical workshops to enable them to access various media resources. Health and Safety awareness training continues as students progress through technical instruction, and particular attention is given to safe practice on location work.

Risk Assessments

The Media Centre provides a standard Risk Assessment form (HIRA) which is considered essential for location work and for certain studio-based projects. Risk Assessment forms must be fully completed by students and then signed by an appropriate member of academic staff (tutor or course leader). Completed RA forms must then be presented to Media Centre Reception before resources can be issued. Academic and Technical staff are always available to give advice on issues related to safe working practice.