The Fabrication Centre is open to all students who complete a Health and Safety induction. Access is limited when pre-arranged skills workshops are running.

Fabrication: Metal, Casting, Laser, Clay, Enamel

The fabrication area is an amazing contemporary making environment. We offer a safe environment in which students can develop a broad range of traditional and contemporary making skills. We start by introducing students to the Health and Safety requirements for working in these workshops. We then offer a comprehensive range of explorative workshops that teach students the initial skills in the specific workshop making environment. We then further support students with their making projects by offering individual technical teaching support. This empowers students, allows them to visualise their concepts see them through to their physical conclusion. Students work can utilise many of our making specialisms including: metals, plastics, fibreglass, plaster, synthetic rubbers, electronics, Arduino, rapid prototyping, digital cutting, CNC, Laser, enamel, clay, ceramics, and many more. All our staff are highly skilled and most are practitioners in their field of interest. Giving the students the most valuable learning experiences they could wish for. These facilities are available to all students.

The following processes are available:

Physical Making Reception Area in Fabrication

Fabrication has undergone a remodel in recent months. Through this some of the services have changed slightly.

The Fabrication Physical Making Reception area now houses a large working space for you to come and start your projects at. We have computers that have all the current programs that will be useful to you in the course of your project planning, development and execution.

Tool Loans

Tool loans are still made from the Fabrication area, although many studio spaces now have a modest tool kit in that should facilitate light work within the studio area. You will need a valid student ID card to make any tool loans that are not equipped by your studio tool kit.
Larger items that can still be loaned are: Ladders, 1 day Cordless Drills, 1 day Where needed hand tools, 7 days.

Student PCS

The student payment card system (PCS) can be charged in this area. This card system facilitates the payment of goods and services within technical areas. It does not link with the Pharos system which is used for printing in the Library. (Payment Card System)

Laser Cutting Bookings

Laser cutting bookings can only be made at the Front desk. You will need your student card to make a booking. Laser bookings for normal users run Mon-Thursday. Dedicated users can make bookings on Fridays. Support is given in the EPI computing centre to prepare files ready for cutting.

Print Centre bookings.

Print centre bookings have now moved to the Connect 2 booking system. You will need your students ID card to make a booking. The Print centre is open all week, although Thursdays are largely considered MA Print days and so bookings are restricted to MA students only on this day. All material sales have moved the newly developed Art Shop