The knit studio provides technical support and expertise to any students looking to make knitted garments, create knitted fabrics or sample for development. The facilities include a number of industrial hand flat and domestic flat bed machines which give students to opportunity to experiment with different machines and techniques to produce innovative and inspiring knitted textiles for their chosen outcome.


The area facilities and our experienced technical staff are available to the students 4 days a week during normal office hours. Formal course specific workshops are taught in the area however one to one consultation and informal demonstrations are also available for individual project requirements. Students are required to complete a basic introduction to the knit area, which includes a health & safety induction, after which they are able to access the area independently as long as a technician is available. There is a formal consultation system which allows students to book in to speak with a technician individually however if at any point a student needs to talk through a specific technique or element of their project, the technicians will always try to fit them in


The knitting area has the following types of machines: